Solidarity hike 2017

The IPM classes came up with the idea to do a solidarity hike for the non-profit association “A touch of Rose”. “A touch of Rose” is an organisation which helps people who suffer from cancer by providing them with supportive care of making the actual treatment more comfortable.

5 IPM, 6 IPM and 2 students of 6 commerce did the walk and Mr. Roelandts guided the whole itinerary. Mr. Bettens followed us by car as safety car.

We walked ± 20 km from Leuven to Tervuren and we asked a lot of people if they wanted to sponsor us. Eventually our whole walk has yielded €600.

When we finally arrived in Tervuren, we all went to Mr. Roelandts' home and there we were treated with delicious spaghetti and pesto. Upon arrival the meal was ready as Mr. Staf arrived one hour earlier to heat up the sauce and boil the pasta.

It was a nice day!