Mentimeter for teachers

  • Surf to
  • Log in with these credentials workshop19
  • Open a desired cartoon and project it
  • On the cartoon there is a code that the audience can use
  • When the audience has answered you can check the results
  • You review the answers with the audience and show the correction
  • You can also start a wordcloud and let the people add words

Guide for use

  1. How to use
    1. First create a account
    2. Log in to that account
    3. Create a menti
    4. Open the menti and project it
  2. Ask the audience to got to and to enter the code provided
  3. Let them answer the Menti
  4. Go to the next page to check the answers and evaluate them
  • Everyone has been a refugee
  • Other people will be refugees in the future
  • Americans will emigrate when the ice caps melt

Mentimeter for the students

  • students take their mobile phone
  • they go to
  • they put in the code that the teacher has given them
  • enjoy!