Day 3 - Organising internships

Blue circle: work placements

Red circle: host families


Work placements

Commuting times are on average a little longer than in London as there is no underground system, only buses and trams. Average travel times are 1h-1.5h, but can be shorter or longer depending on rush hour traffic. In case of very long travel times we try to agree shorter working hours with companies.


Work placements  in service-based industries,  admin (office jobs), IT, hospitality, retail some health/social care. Media is possible as well if a good portfolio is provided.


Host Families

All have been visited in person by us and assessed for suitability (ADC does not work with hosting agencies but is working directly with families for quality and control purposes). The reason why they are all around is that it is difficult to locate in one area as otherwise travel times to companies are either too long or quality of accommodation can't be guaranteed if they prioritise location over quality. But from experience most students meet in the city centre anyway, e.g. during weekends. At least two students are in the same host family so they are not on their own.